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Experience Where It Counts

Our experienced professional staff consists of corrosion, metallurgical, chemical, materials and coating engineers, many of whom have multiple years of broad experience. Associates experienced in other disciplines are used as may be required.

A Complete Resource for Materials Testing and Evaluation

Corrmet Engineering Services, Inc., is based in Houston, Texas, but we provide our excellent services to the global market as well. We offer specialized technical services in the following areas (see our Services Directory for more details):


  •  Corrosion Testing
  • Materials Testing/Evaluation
  • Autoclave Testing
  • H2S Testing Facilities
  • Coatings/Linings Evaluation
  • Product Validation/Reliability
  • Inhibitor Evaluation
  • Environmental Testing
  • Contract Research/Development


  • Metallurgy and Failure Analysis
  • Corrosion Control
  • Materials Selection
  • Coatings/Linings/FRP
  • Technology
  • Expert Witness


  • Engineering Projects
  • Process Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Standards/Specifications

Worldwide Industry Involvement

Corrmet Engineering Services, Inc., offers complete consultation in all areas of corrosion control, mitigation, testing, process, and materials troubleshooting. We focus on providing solutions to the following industries:

• Oil and Gas Production
• Chemical and Petrochemical
• Pipelines
• Petroleum Refining
• Hydrocarbon Facilities
• Transportation
• Government Agencies
• Offshore Facilities
• Process Engineering Firms
• Waste Treatment
• Electronic Industry
• Pulp and Paper
• Public Utilities
• Steel Industry

Providing a Variety of Technical
Services for Your Specialized Needs

Corrosion Research
Corrmet facility has numerous specialized custom-made autoclaves for simulation of a corrosive environment. High pressure to 10,000 psi, high temperature to 900 °F with pressurized gases such as H2S, CO2 and CH4 and various liquids.
Corrmet has several rotary agitated autoclaves to mix the contents of a vessel while under pressure & temperature

Testing of Steel for Wet H2S Services
The evaluation of steels for wet H2S services is one of the specialized services that is routinely performed for the steel mills, pipeline, and refining industries, and pressure vessel fabricators. Corrmet has been selected by the oil and gas industry to perform a series of full scale tests for evaluation of HIC resistance of plate steels for pressure vessels, pipeline steels, and forged steel fittings.
Testing includes:
* Hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) per NACE TM0284-96 in synthetic sea water solution or TMO177 solution.
*Sulfide stress cracking (SSC) per NACE TM0177-96, tensile, bend beam, C-ring and SOHIC.
* SSC test per ASTM G-39 (bent-beam stress-corrosion) using either TM0284 or TM0177solution. *Elastomer compatibility tests ( API, ASTM, NACE ).

Inhibitor Evaluation
Low temperature wheel test. high temperature, high pressure wheel test (500°F, 10,000 psi), Static and Dynamic thermal stability, Solubilities test, Emulsification test, Acid inhibitor test, Side stream testing (on- site investigation). Electro-chemical technique to evaluate performance of inhibitors. High pressure, high temperature electrochemical studies of chemicals, corrosion resistance of alloys and coating in a variety of environments.
Several rotating autoclaves are available for electro-chemical study of inhibitors, velocity effects and erosion corrosion.

Results Where Needed

Delivering Timely Results

Achieving fast turnarounds is one of the most critical issues faced by our clients. Our well-coordinated service ensures timely response on all projects, and our engineers and technical support services are available around the clock to meet our clients' needs. Testing is conducted in accordance with standards such as ASTM, NACE, API, ISO, AWS, and ASME, as well as other established client and industrial standards. Our primary focus is to help you find a solution that reduces project time and expense.

Providing Turnkey Solutions

Experience is the primary key when it comes to providing a complete solution to the problems our clients bring to us. Corrmet Engineering Services, Inc., recognizes the needs of each client company. As a consequence, all services are tailored to individual company's needs.

Anticipating Market and Industry Change

Our professional staff is actively involved in the industry, including participation on many standards development committees. This gives us the capability to provide our clients with up-to-date technical information and assistance.